"For Insigne the captain's armband must be removed! Ancelotti must put his face on"


Chiariello: For Insigne the captain's armband must be removed! Ancelotti has to face us
Umberto Chiariello has released some statements to Channel 21: "What happened in the locker room I did not like at all, but I say it clearly: Lorenzo Insigne, who I love, the captain's armband is removed. But if the players are exasperated, it is not their fault. They are sending messages. For some time, they have been playing out of role and have seen retirement as a punishment, and their refusal is dictated by the fact that they are not the only ones responsible for the moment of the team, and then there are complicated situations to manage such as Callejon contract renewals and Mertens, and the future of Fabian Ruiz who is followed by the big names of Spain De Laurentiis is the owner of the club, which he manages as they do in England, or he delegates everything to the technician and collaborators like Giuntoli. listened: if he sent everyone to retreat because he saw the danger, as it did years ago with Benitez, who has to put his face in this situation is Carlo Ancelotti, it's up to him to raise the Napo He is not to be trained by the son, but by him. Because if we didn't call Ancelotti, now we would have already sent him away ”.

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