Fontivegge international drug dealing center, 156 arrests, 900 kilos of seized drugs. In trouble also Miss South Africa


THE'investigation began in 2012, through the monitoring of Maghreb drug dealers in the Fontivegge drug dealing area, led to the identification of two Africans as drug suppliers. Over time, the investigation has led to the arrest of over 156 people, with the seizure of large quantities of drugs (at least 900 kilograms) for several million euros in value (almost 50 million euros). Drug trafficking has affected Italy, Poland, Belgium, Sweden and England. The criminal group was composed of citizens of Tanzania and Burundi, with links to organized crime. The members of the criminal group carried out regular facade activities: actors, barbers, traders, a zoophile guard, musicians.

The amazing substance, produced in Pakistan, East Africa, China and Laos and reached the countries affected by traffic through Turkey, Tanzania, South Africa, Brazil, Peru and Bolivia. The type of drug seized is raw heroin in grains and cocaine in paste, liquid and powdered, mdma, hashish. The couriers were African, Italian, Greek, Spanish, Bulgarian and Hungarian. In one case the group had used, as an intermediary, a girl who had been Miss South Africa, arrested with twelve kilos of heroin in the trolley.

The amazing was sent and tracked by the criminal group with keywords in African dialects: the couriers were "donkeys", if whites were "albinos", the plane became "torpedo" or "bomb", the train "millipede", Naples is the "Land of the smart" while Italy is the "country of the religious". Great linguistic skills, therefore, also testified by an agreement in Portuguese to send a match to Brazil.


"Operation made known now because between kidnappings and arrests now the organization would have been aware of it and could have moved the activity to other places – said the acting attorney Giuseppe Petrazzini – Long investigation which is the demonstration of investments of personal and economic resources that allow to reach congruous goals. It also shows that there is international cooperation between police forces. Unfortunately, the phenomenon is much broader than what we managed to counter. The modes of transport and routes are contiguous to those of terrorism, but we have no connecting elements ”.

Drug it was transported in cotton sacks sewn into underwear T-shirts, in double bottoms in the shape of para stinchi, or in double bottoms of slippers, carp and sandals, in rigid suitcases or in fabric, like a trolley, inside fire extinguishers (the drug was found because the pressure of the extinguisher resulted to zero, therefore empty of substance to extinguish the flames), in double bottoms shaping the drug according to the shape of the container. The "sewers", that is those who prepared the expedition, were paid with a thousand dollars.

The amazing substance it was so refractory to x-rays, as it was scanned as the bulk of the suitcase itself and to skip control with the drug dogs, the drug was soaked with glue and sprinkled with coffee, chilli, ginger and vanilla.

The courier did not touch the drugs in order to be clean at the controls. An ovulator who had swallowed two kilos of narcotic substance was arrested in Orio al Serio. To identify couriers who traveled by car, they were identified with a detour inside a service station along the A1 stretch in Umbria.

The traffickers' code and the fate of drug couriers

Another courier, suspicious of the controls, had left the suitcase at the airport and set off the anti-terrorism system.

intercepted a phone call between one of the group with an intermediary who was in the place of cultivation of the drug and then with a farmer who reassured about the time of production of the drug.

In Perugia sixteen couriers were arrested, including five Italians.

The proceeds traffic was re-used in the purchase of drugs and for the construction of a shopping center and for the purchase of several properties abroad.


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