Fonseca: "With Parma I won't change much. Diawara is not ready for the 90 minutes" – AUDIO


The disappointment of Moenchengladbach, the Rome he wants to resume his championship race tomorrow against Parma. The beautiful victory with Naples has definitively launched the Giallorossi in the standings: the mission of Fonseca closing the tour de force for the first time before the break for the national teams, keeping at least third place. As usual, the Roma Paulo technician Fonseca met with journalists at the press conference the day before. Which is not held in the sports center of Trigoria, but directly to thehotel where the team stays after the direct transfer from Germany.

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There have been less than three days between games. Can it influence the choices?
It is true that we have played many games these days, but I will not change much for the match against Parma. We need to understand that when the team is doing well we don't need to change much. It is true that we have played many games, but I don't think I will change.

What is left of the match against Borussia?
We have lost and when this is the case the team must feel that we need to change, to fight more to do better in the next game. But the team has confidence, we have played a good game. It is true that we have lost, but the team has confidence.

Parma can potentially be a very dangerous opponent. Are there any teams that are more difficult than others to face for Roma?
They are all difficult, it is the usual speech. It is true that Parma is very strong on the counterattack, Gervinho is very dangerous individually. Tomorrow we will have a very difficult match against a good team.

Did you expect such a strong reaction from the group at this time of difficulty?
Yes, the team is fine. We had some good games and I expected the team to play well right now. As I said, the team trusts.

Is Diawara back: will Mancini go into defense or see a future still in midfield?
I always think about the next game only. It is true that Diawara is not ready to do 90 minutes, Mancini will play in this position tomorrow.

Is Spinazzola all right?
Yes, it's ready.

Roma have lost two games this year, both opponents have started with a 3 defense: is there a difficulty playing against this line-up?
No, I think our team has no difficulty in facing teams that start with the 3. defense. It's a coincidence.

Do players risk losing belief in the face of the many referee errors that can have repercussions on the season?
No, the question of the referees is no excuse for me. We need to understand that we can control what we do and the other things we can't control. The team must understand that we must always play with great ambition and great attitude. Then we can't change and control other things.

Is Florenzi behind the others?
He always has a chance to play. He always works well, he is always ready to help the team. For me it is important to feel that he is always ready for the team. He is working well and is always an option. I did not talk to him about the call-up to the national team.

Are you worried about the fact that you didn't take advantage of several occasions on the break? Are you working on it?
We don't have much time to work, we trained today. It's a normal situation, in the last match Borussia didn't have many chances to score and it wasn't very dangerous. I think the team is doing well in all defensive movements. It is clear that we can still learn many things, but we are well defensively.

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