Florenzi looks for a way out of the bench


"In Trigoria you can breathe a different air". So different from turning these words into a boomerang, Stefano Carina writes about Il Messaggero.

It was September 18th, the eve of the match against the Basaksehir in the Europa League e Florenzi near Fonseca, he told how the port of Portuguese "had changed a lot"The logic within the group,"now all are important".

Today Alessandro, at least for those who must make evaluations and make decisions, is not making like the others. Nor in the role of fullback, overtaken by Spinazzola (purchased to play on the left), Santon and even Cetin (a central defensive), much less for that of exterior high (Kluivert and Perotti, waiting for the return of Mkhitaryan, are ahead for now).

Five benches in a row they cannot be by chance. But they can become a case. Something cracked. Not in the national team: the last calls of coach Mancini have seen him present. Particular, however, not to be underestimated: in June there are Europeans and not playing undermines the chances of being there.

The question is obligatory: if in Parma, in the logic of turnover, it could also find a jersey from the holder, what will happen when after the break ahead there will be overbooking again?

These are reflections that Alessandro is also doing along with those who follow him. Despite the denials that came later, at the end of June Florenzi was convinced to leave. Conte had appeared, then Seville and also Tottenham. In the end nothing was done especially because Alessandro (who renewed a year ago until 2023) wanted to stay in Italy and Conte preferred Lazaro to him. The same thing could happen in January. In fact, Inter has already blocked Darmian. The foreign hypothesis would possibly remain. As long as you don't change anything in the next two months.

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