Florenzi at Napoli? Check a hidden truth: "Fonseca forced by Rome to tell a lie"


Interesting indiscretions and background from who the Roman environment knows him from near, being journalist and supporter.

Alessandro Florenzi approached with more and more strength to the Naples, who would be interested in the midfielder of the Rome in view of possible grafts on the right wing. The former Crotone can act indifferently from back thrust and from wing, which would make him perfect both to replace the injured Kevin Malcuit and as the future heir of Jose Callejon. Various players have been chasing after the Giallorossi player and his lack of employment this year Paolo Liguori, director of TGCOM and Romanist fan. Intervened today to the microphones of Radio Mars during the transmission Mars Sports Live, the well-known journalist, connoisseur of the Capitoline circles, said: "In Rome society does not exist and therefore I am not with the management ".

Liguori then added: "I was on the side of the 'driving' players when there were the various De Rossi and companions; now I'm with Florenzi, even for how it's treated. It is a mockery that the coach Paulo Fonseca says that Alessandro is out of technical choice. Does Rome give it away in January and can it go to Naples? That goes away is certain. He has been on the bench for six weeks and they have made Fonseca say that the reasons are technical. But is not so. The real reason is only one, the capital gain. Keeping him out of the game makes him forget about the fans and protects him from injuries, considering that they have already decided to sell him. He is already on the landing list ".

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