Florence, covered with the paint for Idy Diene


The plaque placed in memory of Idy Diene in the night was covered with black paint. Idy, a Senegalese, was 53 years old when on 5 March 2018 he was killed in Florence with six gunshots. The plaque was dedicated to him by the towns and the anti-racist citizens and posted on the Vespucci Bridge, at the point where Idy had found his death, and he said this: "to IDY DIENE murdered by a racist hand, 5 March 2018". The news on Facebook was Daniela Chironi, a former city council candidate with Firenze Citta Aperta, who writes on her profile: "Did you vandalize her? We will put her back!" To kill Idy Diene was the former printer Roberto Pirrone, sentenced to 30 years of imprisonment in the trial held shortly before the Court of Assizes of Appeal of Florence. At first instance the man was sentenced to 16 years in abbreviated form. In the ruling of the second instance the appellate court recognized the aggravating circumstance of the futile motives against the accused, present in the courtroom, which an expert had recognized as capable of understanding."What happened is an absolute shame. We are close to the family, to those who loved Idy and to the whole Senegalese community. The chronicles of these days tell us of similar gestures of racist and fascist origin in many cities – so the CGIL in a note – We do not know if there is a direction or if they are single events – the union adds in a note -. What is certain is that we need a firm response from all the democratic forces starting from the institutions to which we ask for once again, to close the fascist power plants that have been polluting our cities for too long now. We need to re-launch an open battle for citizenship rights and hospitality ".
"A petty and shameful gesture that we strongly condemn. In Florence, no one has the right to smear the memory. We put that plaque to remember a tragic event that shook our city and we will put it back, so that the memory of Idy remains alive Diene "added mayor Dario Nardella.

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