Flavio Briatore, the "indecent proposal" to Salvini and Renzi: "To the government together"


He has never hidden his passion for those he calls "the two Matteis", that is Matteo Renzi is Matteo Salvini. We talk about Flavio Briatore, who interviewed by The print he once again reiterates his political esteem for both, launching himself into an "indecent proposal", that is, to unite for a government that, to date, appears to be a highly unlikely operation. But anyhow, Mr. Billionaire, from the columns of the Turin newspaper, explains that the two Matteo "they are people who deserve great esteem. Renzi is technical, intelligent. Salvini knows how to talk to people's stomachs. I don't know if they could do a government together, but it would be a nice combination".

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When they ask Briatore who would vote, he replies diplomatically: "Being a resident abroad, voting is an adventure. The last time the cards arrived late". But who does she like the most? "I would vote someone who does concrete things for Italy ". So one of Salvini and Renzi:" Yes, yes, certainly not Carlo Calenda. I think that not even his family members vote ". And again, a joke about the car wrecker:" I am in contact with everyone – explains Briatore interviewed in this regard -. Not being a politician I can talk to everyone ". Finally, again on the two Matteis:" Two great politicians, they do different policies but they are young, have undoubted qualities ". It follows that, according to Mr. Billionaire, they should govern together. Will it ever happen? Difficult …

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