"Flavia and I are waiting for a girl. I don't wish my children a career in tennis"


"Let's wait for a girl!" The tennis player Fabio Fognini speaks for the first time to 'Verissimo' of the second pregnancy of his wife Flavia Pennetta. On the name of the child she declares: "We have not yet decided on the name but will certainly start with the F, like all of us in the family. It's an obligation, otherwise my dad gets angry. We hope everything goes well, this is the most important thing ". To Silvia Toffanin, Fabio also explains the exit from the top 10 of the ATP ranking: "I was sorry, I pulled the bat on my feet alone. It was my merit to go in and to leave me. I missed some important tournaments that I shouldn't have missed. But now, in the top 10 there is Matteo Berrettini and in the top 100 there are so many Italians: this is a beautiful thing ".

Fognini owes everything to tennis but does not wish a future as a tennis player for his son Federico: "He has to do what he wants, the sport he wants, but in tennis he suffers too much because he is very emotional. Then, you're always alone. There is the staff, there is the coach, but in fact you are alone and far from friends and family. It is a beautiful sport and very difficult and it is necessary to make many sacrifices. He will decide but I would like to take the racket out of my hand from dad. "

The Ligurian champion, as well as his victories, is also famous for his fumantino character, cross and delight of his career: "Over the years this has penalized me a lot, but it has also led me to achieve results that no one would have ever expected. Every now and then I lose my temper but outside the court I am very calm. I don't know – he adds – what happens to me in those moments. I feel anger, I feel a fire inside and for a few seconds I no longer reason and completely lose my head. These are things that should not be done ".

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