First the crash with the guard-rail, then the tragic carambola: a dead man on the Adriatic


Tragedy on the Rimini roads in the early morning on Saturday with a motorist who lost his life in a dramatic carom. The drama was consummated around 7.30 am on the Adriatic main road 16 near the Marecchiese overpass. From the first findings it seems that a Citroen minivan was proceeding in the direction of Ravenna when the driver arrived in the stretch of road where the guardrail begins to divide the two carriageways. For reasons still under investigation, the young man at the wheel crashed into the steel guard to roll over and finish his run in the opposite lane where two other vehicles were arriving. A terrible carambola that did not leave a chance for the Citroen driver.

The alarm that triggered the fire brigade and the vehicles of Romagna Soccorso rushed to the scene. The staff of the 115 has taken steps to extract from the sheets the boy driving the minivan to entrust it to the sanitary but, despite the desperate attempts to revive it, the doctor could not help but declare the death. On the Adriatic, the Road Police intervened and proceeded to close the roadways to allow relief and carry out the ritual findings. Also the Anas staff was present, the road has long been closed to traffic. The Citroen is registered to a Cuban citizen of 33 years and investigations are underway to identify the victim.

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