FIRST PAGE THE MORNING – The pillory, revolt: "Mercenaries", banners to the rebels and whistles to Insigne


The first page of the Campanian newspaper focuses on the hottest topics of the moment relating to Italian football and beyond.

The morning he also dwells on what is happening between the Italian fans and the Naples, In its latest issue on newsstands. The first city newspaper in fact dedicates the central part of the first page to the dispute that occurred at the San Paolo stadium on the occasion of the open door training wanted by the company: "The pillory, the fans contest the rebels: mercenaries".

It's still: "The revolt: ultra banners and whistles at Insigne. Tonight the pre-departure withdrawal", is what can be read in the newspaper of Campania. To follow, as usual, we show you a preview of the first page of the new number available in all newsstands:

Source link—la-gogna-e-rivolta-mercenari-striscioni-ai-ribelli-e-fischi-a-insigne_347738.html



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