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h2><img class=”alignleft wp-image-150452″ src=”×225.jpg” alt=”Melissa-P. "Width =" 370 "height =" 278 "srcset ="×225.jpg 300w, https: // 640w "sizes =" (max-width: 370px) 100vw, 370px "/> The writer Melissa Panarello has become a mother for first time

Blue bow for Melissa P. The writer became famous as a young girl with the best seller Hundred brushstrokes before going to sleep became a mother for the first time. To give the announcement the same author, who in 2015 lived a brief experience at the Island of the Famous of Canale 5. At 33, the Sicilian gave birth to the little Cosmo, fruit of love with his companion Matteo Trevisani, also a writer. A great, great emotion that Melissa wanted to share with all her fans who have been following her for a long time and who have passionately read the last literary work of the writer: The first pain, published this year by La Nave di Teseo.

Melissa P. had a son by colleague Matteo Trevisani

"My son, you came into the world to show that you can do without the dots on the i and pure i. Because your name is Cosmo, there is no i and we have already spoiled some of the people who called you Cosimo. My name is Panarello and not Panariello and your father Trevisani and not Trevisan ", Melissa P. wrote on Facebook "May you always be free"added the young woman, who has been working on a horoscope column in the weekly magazine Grazia, and recently returned to TV, hosted by Io & Te, the new program by Pierluigi Diaco.

Melissa P. has denied her experience on the Isle of the Famous

A few months ago Melissa Panarello returned to talk about the Island of the Famous. An experience that marked it, unfortunately in negative. "I experienced a depriving experience, I was depressed again, I didn't feel comfortable in my body. I did a very trashy thing, instead it dramatized me. The Island gives you visibility if you are a chick, it wasn't my case ", He told La Repubblica.


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