Firemen killed in the farmhouse: the arrest for the owner is triggered


The turning point came on the saddest day. While the three coffins of the Fire fighters dead in Alexandria left the church square in fact the investigators summoned the owner of the farmhouse as a witness. Then the position of Giovanni Vincenti she became the one of a suspect and after ten long hours of questioning the detention started. To assist him the lawyer of office Laura Mazzolini that immediately after theinterrogation he said: "I attended the interview and I can't say anything." The charges against Vincenti are very heavy: murder, arson and voluntary injuries. For the moment, the prosecution is cautious. Also the prosecutor Enrico Cieri did not provide explanations on Vincenti's interrogation. the only certainty is that it has been stopped.

During the funerals from the aisles of the church the cry of a community still struck, under shock, for what happened happened. A loud scream: "We need to understand why and who did this," provincial commander Roberto Marchioni said from the cathedral altar. Words that ask for truth and above all justice. The three firefighters actually lost their lives during an intervention in the damned farmhouse. Two explosions. the second while the intervention was in progress to extinguish the flames of the first. Now we need to understand what was the motive that prompted, probably the owner of the farm to fix those devices with the timer on his property.

In recent days the man had pointed the finger at the community of the small town where the tragedy occurred: "Here in the country there is so much envy". Then in the middle of that farmhouse for sale for two years to more than 700 thousand euros. The brigade families addressing Prime Minister Conte, who was present at the funeral, shouted in pain: "You must catch them, you must do everything to catch them". Something has moved and probably this huge massacre will soon have a culprit. But the motive remains to be clarified. Last night during the Fourth Degree episode, the owner's son was reached on the phone. He said he was worried while his father was under interrogation in the barracks. In the morning the public prosecutor of Alessandria, Enrico Cieri, explained the motive for those two explosions: "Everything was organized to get the insurance premium". And now Vincenti's wife is also among the suspects.

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