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Three firefighters died in the explosion of the Quargnento farmhouse: the owner confessed to provoking her for the insurance money. Giulio Golia reconstructs the tragedy starting from the dramatic story of someone who escaped from death. While the Fire Department started a fundraiser to support the families of the three dead colleagues

The Fire Department of Alexandria has started a fundraiser to help the families of the three dead firefighters in the explosion of the Quargnento farmhouse.


Giulio Golia reconstructs this tragedy starting from the exclusive testimony of those who escaped death and the first firemen who arrived on the spot.

It all starts with a call from the neighbors to the fire department. The team intervenes by fire in the house, but as soon as they arrive at the farm the situation has other contours. There were no flames. Only in one building was there a glow that it seemed like a fire. And next to it there were tanks with what looked like a timer. "We have secured what we have found", Says Graziano Luca Trombetta from a hospital bed. The situation seems a bit strange, but the firefighters meanwhile are in charge of securing.

A patrol of the carabinieri, of which Roberto Borlengo is part, arrives. After extinguishing the fire, the fire brigade only controls the second farmhouse. "First, Gastaldo and Triches followed, followed by Candido", Says Dodero. At that moment the second timer is activated: "Not even the explosion I heard. I was talking to colleagues and I woke up buried. It took me a while to understand what had happened. "

They ended up in a trap and according to what the investigators say, the owner knew but didn't warn. "I was the farthest and managed to get rid of only a few ruins and to call for help, "explains carabiniere Borlengo. "If it goes wrong, please tell my parents that I want a world of good. I'm losing a lot of blood"He said on the phone with his operations center.

Meanwhile another Fire Brigade team arrives, unaware of what happened: "I arrived first and there was total devastation. They were all under the rubble. We usually are the ones who save others, here it seemed to me to be in a movie, "says Daniele. He and his colleagues put their bare hands to dig through the rubble.

"I didn't hear my colleagues screaming. I thought I was screaming over them or that I couldn't hear them because they were far away. I didn't metabolize that they didn't shout because they couldn't, "continues Trombetta. "Just outside I thought how to warn my wife, it was because of this promise not to disappoint her that I always returned home. I identify with those who have not had this luck".

At this point they realize that Antonino Candido, Marco Triches and Matteo Gastaldo didn't make it. They were among the best in that barracks with 15 years of service behind them. The drama is also for their families and their children.

Last Friday the funeral was celebrated. "I want to see the face of the murderer who killed my figlio ”, says the mother of Antonino Candido. "He always liked to joke, the monkey of the house, the eternal Peter Pan, will be missing. They are not heroes, they are just mum's children. They weren't going to save lives, maybe I would have accepted death. But being killed by a madman …". The woman says that the work of the Firefighter for his son was his greatest passion: "Antonino waited 6 years after he made the competition because the rankings were blocked. And I always told him: do something else, do another job. He replied: or the fireman or nothing. Nothing would have been better, now I want to see the face of this killer ".

In those hours the farm owner confessed. "I did it for insurance money. I didn't want to kill anyone ", Giovanni Vincenti defended himself. Now he will have to respond to arson but also to multiple voluntary homicide (as well as voluntary injuries for the two firemen and the carabiniere who were injured). The investigators are instead evaluating the position of the wife, which would have been seen near the farm a few hours before the explosion.

For those wishing to help the Alexandria Fire Department initiated a fundraiser (click here)

These are the bank details:

Alessandria Fire Department Association
UBI Banca Regionale Europea (branch of Alessandria)
IBAN: IT49B0311110400000000005382
Causal: To support the families of the deceased

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