Firemen injured on the A1 Cantagallo Ovest


They remain under observation in the hospital two firefighters they were slightly injured after two o'clock tonight during the fire extinguishing operation of a truck on the A1 motorway near the service area Cantagallo Ovest The dynamics of what happened seems clear.

It was two-thirty: the driver of a heavy vehicle carrying various materials, including soaps and detergents, had stopped for a break when he realized the smoke. He moved from the service area to that point towards the highway, stopping in a stretch of the emergency lane launching the alarm.

A1 West Cantagallo: fire trucks, firefighters involved

On the spot they immediately intervened five fire brigade teams, but suddenly, for reasons yet to be ascertained, there was one burst, following which two red helmets are were injured. Then the rush to the Maggiore's emergency room, in code of medium severity.

Only the sheets remain of the truck, the fire caused major damage to the vehicle and the firemen worked until dawn to tame the flames and secure the area.

Three dead firefighters: explosion in the night, it's drama

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