Firefighters dead in Alexandria, the owner of the exploded farmhouse confesses. His wife is also being investigated


He confessed Giovanni Vincenti, the owner of the farmhouse whose explosion caused the death of three firefighters, Quargnento. The chief prosecutor of Alexandria explains it Enrico Cieri: "Giovanni Vincenti confessed in an exhaustive and full manner giving full feedback to the elements acquired during the search: the suspect reiterated that he wanted to damage things but excluded the homicidal will ”. Also investigated on the loose man's wife: the two were "heavily indebted", said Cieri, who pointed out: "Last August, the building's insurance had been extended to the malicious fact. The maximum prize was one and a half million euros, "he stressed," the action completed by Giovanni Vincenti "was aimed at achieving the insurance premium for the malicious act of others". The prosecutor has thus reconstructed the incident: "The timer was set at 1.30 but accidentally there was also a setting at midnight. This led to the first modest explosion which, alas, alerted the fire brigade ".

The explosion had to be one but the error in programming the timer, connected to the gas cylinders, caused the tragedy. In particular, Cieri explains: "The tanks, according to Vincenti's statements, should be seven, located in the various rooms of the house, open to saturate the rooms and cause the explosion at 1.30 am. So far three have been found. "


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