Fire trucks in the service area, two firefighters injured


A truck has caught fire in the Cantagallo service area, on the A1 Milan-Naples motorway in the Casalecchio di Reno (Bologna) area. It would have happened this night around 2:30, according to reports from the ANSA, but the flames would have been tamed around the 6:00.

The truck was carrying various materials, including household appliances. After flames, there would also have been one small explosion. To notice the fire would be the driver of the heavy vehicle, which was stopped in the parking lot of the service area.

For safety he would have called for help and moved the truck away from the others to stop. Two firemen remained slightly injured, and were transported from 118 to the "Carlo Alberto Pizzardi" Maggiore Hospital in Bologna.

According to reports from the ANSA, following the explosion, the two firefighters would have fallen off a ladder, bringing back fractures, one at the pelvis and the other at one arm. Other firemen of the same team also ended up on the ground for the move.

On the spot they intervened, in addition to the Police Road, three teams of brigade of fire from Bologna, Casalecchio di Reno and Monzuno. To tame the flames it was necessary to restrict the carriageway of the highway closing two lanes.

Fortunately, the fire developed in the service area and was not running, as happened last month near Bolzano, when a truck caught fire on the road to the Brenner.

VIRGILIO NEWS | 08-11-2019 08:25


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