Fire in Centocelle, burned bar that gave solidarity to La Pecora Elettrica


This night the Baraka Bistrot, bar of Centocelle that in the past few days has expressed solidarity with The Electric Sheep, was set on fire. It was the owners who showed the photos of the room devastated by the flames: according to the findings, the dynamics would be very similar to that of the Electric Sheep. The fire, of an intentional nature, broke out around 4 am: on the spot the Fire Brigade intervened, who evacuated the whole building as a precaution. They are not injured or intoxicated. Last night Centocelle was full of law enforcement and checkpoints, but evidently those who acted against it The Electric Sheep and the Baraka Bistrot knows how and when to act so as not to be intercepted. Only on Wednesday night was La Pecora Elettrica burned, already burned on April 25th. Unknowns destroyed it just the day before it reopened: the cafeteria boys had just finished rebuilding it thanks to the solidarity of the inhabitants of the city, who had made donations. A month earlier, however, a pizzeria had been set on fire in Via delle Palme. In that case a person was arrested, reported on the loose. But now it is clear that there is a problem in Centocelle.

The owner of Baraka: "We opened in September, I don't bother anyone"

"I closed the room at a quarter to three and went home. At 4.20 they call me the alarm system, telling me that they hear noises. I rush into the car and when I arrive I see the shutter raised from the ground, the door open and fire everywhere. Then in a couple of minutes they all arrived, firefighters, carabinieri. It is all destroyed ". This is the story of the owner of the Baraka Bistrot at the Adnkronos." We opened a few months ago, in September. I won't explain it. I am neutral, I am not lined up, I don't bother anyone. Of course we expressed solidarity with the electric Sheep, it is close to us, but I really can't understand. Certainly when I arrived the road was deserted, the shutter was torn from the ground, surely it can't have stood up by itself ".

Fires in Centocelle, ongoing investigations

Who's setting the neighborhood on fire? The investigations are continuing at 360 degrees, but for now the authors of these arson attacks do not yet have a name and a face. Residents point the finger at it shop in the park of via delle Palme, where the lampposts were specifically destroyed by the pusher to not be visible. According to law enforcement agencies operating in the area, drug dealing activities would be marginal and not linked to organized criminal groups. Indeed, the district of Centocelle is in contrast with other areas of the eastern quadrant of the capital, both for mafia penetration and for the number of crimes. The opening of new premises frequented by young people did not bring with it particular problems, lighting a new light on the neighborhood. And yet there is someone who is annoyed that these places are open, and that they illuminate streets that would otherwise be left in the dark.

The banner for La Pecora Elettrica ripped in the night

On the day of the fire at La Pecora Elettrica, thousands of people demonstrated to express solidarity with the managers of the cafeteria. After the procession, a banner with the words "Fear the fear, defend the neighborhood" was attacked in Via delle Palme: in the night someone snatched it, taking advantage of the darkness. Now, a new fire. The Order and Security Committee will meet in the Prefecture on 15 November. "We will address all the various critical situations detected on Rome, including the last episodes in Centocelle – said Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese – We will therefore carry out an analysis carried out with the prefect, with all the provincial authorities, the mayor, the Presidency of the Region. We will try to bring out a project that can make Rome even safer. "

Bonafoni: "By eye, we have a big problem like this"

"Tonight also Baraka Bistrot was destroyed by the arson fire of the infamous and cowards. It is an attack that the community of Centocelle cannot see alone. The criminals who want to decide the fate of the territory must be defeated, together. Nobody has to stay behind and everyone , starting from the institutions, it must do its part with courage ". The said Gianluca Peciola, of the Civic Movement for Rome. "The Baraka Bistrot is located in Via dei Ciclamini, a perpendicular of via delle Palme, the navigator says: a minute on foot between one road and another – declared the regional councilor Marta Bonafoni – Baraka Bistrot had recently reopened, after the summer break and renewed. Twice on his page, scrolling through it, one reads "solidarity with fellow friends of La Pecora Elettrica", messages that follow the attacks on their neighbors' bookstore. By eye, we have a big problem like this ".

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