Fiorentina W, Cincotta: "We example of integration between different ethnic groups"



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Fiorentina W, Cincotta: "We example of integration between different ethnic groups"

In view of tomorrow's trip against Pink Bari, the Fiorentina Women's coach Antonio Cincotta spoke to the microphones of the official channels of the purple club at the moment of the team, dealing with various absences: "Bari is a team that has been profoundly renewed and improved, as demonstrated by the fact that it has achieved excellent results at home. This is a very special phase for us, we must remain focused on ourselves to make our internal mechanisms always better and winning.The clinical situation is very complex, with the absences of Bretiner, Guagni, Mascarello and Vigilucci: we are very unlucky but I do not want the KOs to become for us an alibi. Against Milan we have shown to have geometries and identities – concludes Cincotta – Racism? Our locker room is an example of how this phenomenon is fought, we are an example of integration and interaction between different ethnic groups ". – the transfer market updated 24 hours a day

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