Fiorentina, can you regret Cholito Simeone?


Ours is a provocation, but to a certain extent: Boateng, Vlahovic and Pedro are doing worse than him. Till now…

The intertwining with the past can give rise to strange sensations. Can you regret Giovanni Simeone? To a hypothetical survey the "no" would prevail, but the share has probably fallen in recent weeks. The Cholito in Florence was not much loved, yet it is a great protagonist in the Cagliari-fourth revelation Ranking. Not extraordinary numbers (3 goals) but still definitely superior to its counterparts in Fiorentina: Boateng, Vlahovic and Pedro put together reach 1. Of course, it is not yet the moment of final budgets, of course. But with the Sardinia Arena race we will be almost 1/3 of the championship and today it is fair to say that Fiorentina's strategy for the attacking department did not work. But who knows that Cagliari could not start a resounding turnaround, thanks to Ribery's last absence will grant to Vlahovic – so it seems – the second starting chance of the season. It is his chance to break into Serie A and prove he can be a holder of this Fiorentina, and maybe he will have it for the current game too Pedro, possibly for more than 5 '. You need a goal to turn and maybe put behind any trace of Simeone.

Again Simeone: "First as an ex? Emotions range from love to displeasure. Montella … "

The others fight, Fiorentina finds herself at dinner (and Dalbert pays)

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