Fines for Italian football players, those who pay more between Koulibaly, Lozano, Milik and Insigne


Mutiny Naples, here's what we read from the Corriere dello Sport on newsstands today:

Heel and contract tip, because now we need to discuss in the law point, getting lost in rules, articles and rules, floating between the legal system of a world, that of football and for which the arbitration panel expresses itself. The original idea, "stop" to ask for a 5% compensation on the gross monthly, has gradually disappeared, leaving room for what allows the collective agreement between the Italian Football Federation, the Serie A Professional League and the 'Associazione Italiana Calciatori, which in Article 11 paragraph 3 "opens" to different solutions: "The fine consists of a contractual penalty, the amount of which is proportionate to the seriousness of the breach and cannot exceed 25% of the gross monthly salary" . The six million net (and there are twelve gross) of Koulibaly equals to five hundred thousand euro of salary (for twelve payrolls) and they make a one hundred twenty five thousand euro fine; a little less for Lozano, Insigne and Mertens (who sway between four and a half years and five) and then slide downwards, reaching three and a half Callejon, 2.5 of Milik and Allan but also of Llorente, however, arrived in August, at Zielinski's two: the sum, which makes an unexpected and remarkable total, floats well over a million (gross) overall fine. But it is clear that diplomacy is also at work, so that peace can be achieved.

ITER. But there is a course, obviously to be followed, which foresees a request to the arbitration panel, with united and yet separate procedures (the identical fact, which is moved to each player, but separate appeals) and thesis that will then be compared , through a multi-item debate. It remains to define the "political" line to follow, on which De Laurentiis, the managing director Chiavelli and the lawyer Mattia Grassani have had the opportunity to begin to confront themselves in this week spent in Naples by the president, presumably absent, however, tonight at Saint Paul, having a direct flight to Los Angeles tomorrow, which is set at dawn or a little further.

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