Fiat Panda and 500, a future in the balance: lots of sales but high costs


Fiat Chrysler Automobiles could abandon the minicar segment in Europe. The news is reported by Automotive News, one of the most authoritative in the industry, and has been reported in Italy by many sites. Everything comes from the recent statements by Mike Manley.

The FCA CEO stated that the automaker plans to move the customers of the Fiat minicar to the "B" segment. "In the very near future you will see us focus on this higher volume segment again, with a higher margin, and this will mean moving away from the minicar segment," Manley told analysts at the call on the quarterly FCA balance sheet.

For Manley the group's losses of 55 million euros in the Old Continent recorded in the third quarter are attributable to “a very high exposure in the small low-margin segment and to a range of models whose average age is the highest in the sector ".

The fate of Fiat 500 and especially Fiat Panda seems so marked despite important sales numbers. Both dominate the minicar segment but are aging and above all have high development costs.

On each sale i revenue margins are minimal, furthermore, the strict new rules on emissions provide for high development costs for electronics and mechanics.

After all the segment of the city ​​car is slowly disappearing: from the Ford Ka + to the Opel Adam, they are all endangered models.

Fiat would thus aim to win back customers in the B segment which by now seemed to have been completely abandoned by relaunching the Fiat Punto.

Said that the words of Manley arrived before the start of the merger between Fca and Psa, a synergy born of this new repositioning of the Fiat brand.

The planned merger of FCA with the PSA Group would also give Fiat access to the ECMP platform of PSA, which is the basis of the group's new smaller cars such as the Peugeot 208 and the Opel Corsa. These cars have fully electric versions and versions with internal combustion engines.

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