Ferrari, goodbye immediately to Sebastian Vettel in the name of Marchionne? Voices on the sensational acceleration


There is little to do. The clash on lap 66 of the Interlagos GP between Sebastian Vettel is Charles Leclerc has changed the history of Ferrari. The conflict exploded, furious and furious. The rising star and the four-time world champion cannot stand each other. It was breathed throughout the season, it was understood in a plastic way at the penultimate Gp of the season. And now, for Maranello e Mattia Binotto, the problem is the future: can you point to the title by holding them both? Some precedents – from Prost and Senna to Alonso and Hamilton – make it clear that the company, if not impossible, at least is very complicated. And in short, in Ferrari they cannot fail to take into consideration the idea, somehow all to find, of sacrificing German.

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Already, few doubts about it: the future – probably also the present – is King Charles, Leclerc. The fans, incidentally, are with him: he was very popular on social media the hashtag #VettelOut (and if one really has to find a responsibility for what happened in Brazil, it seems to be his own). But not only: in many emphasize, remember, evoke as with Sergio Marchionne maybe things would be different. S'intenda: the former president, decision maker by vocation, probably would have endorsed the immediate rotation, even if Vettel earns the beauty of 40 million EUR. Consider in fact that it was Marchionne himself who wanted Leclerc. In fact, in Vettel he saw a driver too fiery, unable to take the world championship to Ferrari. And it is so, with the bulky ghost of Marchionne in the background, that in Ferrari – no one will ever admit it until the eventual day of the crash – the hypothesis is gaining ground. Farewell Vettel, right away, before the next season? Who knows …

In the video, the Vettel-Leclerc incident at Interlagos

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