Ferrara: "Some things happen only in Naples! Ancelotti was furious: Insigne's words …"


Liberato Ferrara, journalist, in his editorial focused, among other things, on what is happening at home after the draw with Salzburg.

The journalist Released Ferrara has published an article on Persemprenapoli.it. Here's what we read: "Let's face it: things like that happen only at Napolthe. Never seen anything like it. All silent after essentially passing the Champions League round. With the withdrawal announced first with great fanfare and then, perhaps, canceled. Even if there is no official communication. There are also those who speak of a mutiny of the crew, who decided to be ready to go home. Amateurs in jeopardy. In the absence of any note from society that can serve to shed light, we can only speculate. There is little doubt that the press silence was imposed by the company. Members of such a decision would certainly not have been able to take it independently. On the other hand, Insigne spoke regularly at the end of the game ".

Ferrara added: "Ancelotti is too man of the world to make such a mistake. He, even if pissed off, would have spoken, if anything, to say nothing. What we cannot, at the moment, know is what happened before the match. it was said to be against withdrawal, he had done it his way, without getting upset, but for a company more than the boss it was too much, probably, but we are not sure, that the discussion went on. Insigne's words to Sky, all in favor of Ancelotti, despite everything, were indicative. It was inevitable that among the questions there would be one concerning the withdrawal. So the company, read De Laurentiis, preferred to cut it short. With a silence imposed on everyone, for another without even making it official ".

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