Ferrara, Salvini's loyal mayor proposes honorary citizenship to Liliana Segre


FERRARA – If yesterday in Modena some municipal councilors of the league remained seated after the president of the assembly read a message of solidarity to the life senator Liliana Segre, the mayor of Ferrara, Alan Fabbri, a member of the Carroccio, instead lets us know that the Este city "will propose honorary citizenship to Segre to honor the personal history of the senator, symbol of the immense suffering of a people that has a strong and cohesive representation in Ferrara".The proposal will materialize with a resolution that will be submitted to the city council next Monday. Alan Fabbri, loyal to Matteo Salvini, announced his intention to propose honorary citizenship to the life senator, who survived the Holocaust, on the sidelines of the conference on the award ceremony for the 19th Adei-Wizo Adelina Della Pergola 2019 Literary Prize to be held on 12 November at the Ridotto of the Teatro Comunale.
"This is a gesture due to the light of the history of our country – Fabbri explained – which wants to represent the profound respect for all the victims of the Holocaust, Ferrara or not. We hope that this will put an end to all tension and any exploitation, which nothing else can do but harm the social cohesion that, in particular on this issue, has always characterized our city ".

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