Ferrara: "Naples: the first time something similar happens in football! De Laurentiis …"


Liberato Ferrara, journalist, in his editorial focused, among other things, on the difficult moment that the team of Ancelotti is experiencing.

The journalist Released Ferrara published an editorial on persemprenapoli.it. Here's what we read: "De Laurentiis started with the idea of ​​fining the players of the Napoli rei to have boycotted the withdrawal. It seems almost a trivial thing, but we are sure that from a legal point of view it is simple? Let's start from a trivial consideration: it is the first time that such a thing happens in the world of football. There is no precedent to the fact that a blocking team refuses to go on a retreat, to punish the players it is necessary to find a rule that has been violated. "The contract is the coach of the first team that decides on training, retreats and summonses. He is not the president who decides on the matter. He tells the coach, who then provides instructions to the players. Basically he is not De Laurentiis who can order the withdrawal of the team.Theoretically the coach could disobey, clear that the president is then free to exempt the technician and call a coach for him instead. enziente ".

Ferrara added: "The players, however, have the right to be" officially "informed. When they have to present themselves to the pre-season retreat, registered letters are sent. We feel we can exclude that on this occasion the registered letters have been sent in the direction of the players. "And have disregarded the order? Is the oral communication of the technician enough? It can be given as a" known fact "because the newspapers have talked about it, and the same technician talked about it in a press conference? And again: since it is "coach to decide on the withdrawal, how should the fact be considered that the technician has publicly said he is against the thing? It could be easy for the players to demonstrate the motivation of the company's decision. A punitive and persecutory measure, clearly in contrast with the their rights. Beware, it is not a matter of goat's wool. In law the form has more value than the substance. always in jurisprudence in such cases. It is all to see. At first sight there is no doubt: the players will be condemned, and underneath one thinks that it is also right. But to reflect well the doubts are manifold. And not unfounded. From the legal point of view an interesting game. Even if we would have done without it ".

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