Ferlaino: "De Laurentiis will apologize, the results matter more. Mertens and Callejon? We talk in private. My son graduated in Coverciano, but I never let him enter society"



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Latest soccer Napoli – Corrado Ferlaino spoke to Tifosi Napoletani on air on CalcioNapoli24 TV:

"My son graduated from Coverciano, but I never let him enter society. Relatives out of the locker room. It takes common sense. No need to think about who is right and who is wrong, only the results count and you need to move forward. There are no managers, I have always been in the first team. I had Allodi and Moggi, they knew how to keep up the players who are the ones who keep the team high. Poles and sleepers, just a few centimeters and all this would not have happened. Times have changed today, curve B can no longer cheer as before, today there are cameras. Time has changed. I have always been a fan of Naples. In a championship, every team has a moment of crisis. We hope that it is now over. Inter and Milan were not there in recent years and this helped Napoli. Now Inter is back and has a Count asking for reinforcements. Now Napoli must fight with Juventus and Inter. De Laurentiis on Insigne and Callejon? Never talk and never hurt the players. He had to talk about it in private, the players remember it. Mertens and Callejon request a reasonable renewal. I will not break the toy, the players will do their best to show that they are right: Napoli will win the next races. I also went to retreat, to pretend, then I went home. De Laurentiis has Bari, maybe send them to play at Bari (laughs, ed). Maybe today's players have families and children, earn lots of money and are spoiled. De Laurentiis humility to apologize? It is in the president's interest to close this story and he will do it. "

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