Female Serie B: one last perfect quarter makes Matteiplast rejoice


Heart-pounding race yesterday in that of Forli, a real point-to-point battle for 35 minutes of play in the match played at the Pala Villa Romiti, a final result too penalizing for the landlords who defended themselves well against Matteiplast Bologna.

A slow start for the Matteiplast that orphaned for the occasion of Chiara Mini in the direction undergoes in the start especially pscicologically and it takes a while to get going, but thanks to the raids of Alice Prisco first (her the first 7 points of the race) and Benny Tridello then manages to contain a fiery start to Valensin's race (3 Bombs in the first quarter only) and closes the first part of the race with only 3 points of difference 16 -13.

In the second half of the race the music does not change and it is Forli who goes ahead initially, it is difficult for the felsinee to contain the usual Valensin that in addition to scoring puts the companions in rhythm, but the Matteiplast area manages to contain the opponent attack and resume running the race thanks to a bench that once again makes the difference and manages to score 10 of the 17 points scored and goes into the locker room with 3 advantage lengths.

The recovery from the locker room is good and Ruggeri achieves 7 consecutive points at the start of the fourth giving good advantage to the Matteiplast but he is unable to close the match definitively, often suffering the opponent's counterattack and giving too many times easy baskets caused by defensive lapses.

The last quarter starts with 8 lengths ahead but Forli does not fit and rejoins the minus 3 with Ragazzini and the bomb of the long-time opponent Atanasovska, but Progresso is not there, and with excellent defenses and a lot of concreteness in attack (Melloni 12 , Cadoni 9 and Marchi 10) close the match reaching in the final the maximum advantage of + 16.

At the end of the game we are with Alice Prisco that analyzes the match: "We knew from the beginning that it would be a very difficult game, both for the absence of our Captain Chiara Mini and because Forli is talented and going through a great period, but aware of the fact that with our determination we could have had our say and fortunately so it was. Our desire to win has led us to grow steadily during the game and to improve ourselves and without a doubt the area helped us out of the difficulties of containing their point guard. This gives us motivation to continue training to improve team communication and the harmony of our group. Personally I am satisfied with my personal performance but aware of the fact that I can give even more both in attack and in defense. Now the head goes on the next match against Rimini which will be another battle but this time in our house. Rimini is a young formation but with so much talent so we will have to work hard in the gym this week to be concentrated and be ready for the next Match . "

The next race will be Saturday 23 November at 21.00 between the walls of friends of the Deborah Alutto gym in via dell'arcoveggio Bologna.

Libertas Rosa Forli – Progresso Basket Bologna 51-67
Partials: 16-13 (16-13), 27-30 (11-17), 41-49 (14-19), 51-67 (10-18)

Libertas Rosa Forli: Guidi, Tasevska 6, Atanasovska 7, Valli, Pieraccini 7, Valensin 12, Ronchi 2, Ragazzini 8, Balestra 7, Maltoni 0, Bollini 2, Pinza. Coach Montuschi

Progress Bologna: Ferraro, Marchi 10, Ruggeri 11, Bernardini 0, Vaccari ne, Venturi, Tridello 5, Prisco 13, Bregu 4, Cadoni 9, Grandini 3, Melloni 12. Coach Borghi

Press Office Basket Progresso Bologna

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