Feel Baiano: "Naples in retreat? Cell phones and video games, changed everything. Soccer players together just …"


The former footballer, who spoke to Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli, spoke of the delicate moment that the Ancelotti team is experiencing.

Ciccio Baiano, former Napoli and Fiorentina striker, has released some statements on Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli, focusing on the moment of Carlo's team Ancelotti: "It is a delicate moment, but there is a solution to get out of the crisis: Napoli must win against Genoa, then it will have to put behind it all that has happened in these days and start again to find continuity as long as possible" .

Then Baiano added: "The results are important to regain serenity: in this way it will be possible to sew up the tears. Retreat for Napoli right? Let's say that in this age the players are seen only during training and video analysis of the games, then a little in the morning, at lunch and then at dinner. Then they always stay with cell phones and video games. We also say that everything has changed compared to before when the retreats made a different sense ".

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