Federer and Berrettini, impressive numbers at the service


In the past few days, Infosys ATP Beyond The Numbers has published an interesting analysis related to the statistics serving the current Top 10. Considering the data of the Masters 1000 tournaments, Nitto ATP Finals and Next Gen ATP Finals accumulated from 2011 to 2019, analysts have calculated the percentage of points won with the first from each top 10 considering six different categories of services: from right to center, from left to exit, from right to exit, from left to center, from right to body and from left to body (in average percentage order of points won).

The interesting fact is that the only tennis player to be in the top 3 of all six categories is Roger Federer. Let's start with the service that over the years has proved to be the most profitable, ie the one from the right to the center (percentage of points won on average by the current top 10: 76.9%).

The most effective tennis player with this shot is Matteo Berrettini, who boasts a percentage of 82.5% (absolute record); followed by Federer (81.1%) and Tsitsipas (81.0%). However, these are the only three that have succeeded, considering all the categories, in exceeding 80%.

Taking the first from left to exit (75.6% of winning points on average), the command is Daniil Medvedev (79.4%), followed again by Roger Federer (78.9%) and Stefanos Tsitsipas (78.6%). Berrettini and Federer find themselves, respectively second and third, also in the top 3 of the right-to-go service (75.3%), where Dominic Thiem (78.4%) is the big voice.

And always the tandem Berrettini-Federer is the one who leads, on an equal footing with an excellent 75.1%, the ranking of services from left to center (73%), tailed once again by Tsitsipas, just a percentage point away.

Body services, by far the least successful in percentage (65.4% from the right and 62.8% from the left), are those in which the names of the other two Big Three finally emerge. In the first to the body from the right leads Thiem (70.3%), followed by Federer (69.8%) and Rafael Nadal (66.3%).

The most effective in service to the body from the left is instead Novak Djokovic (68.5%), with Federer second (66.3%) and Nadal third (65.4%).

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