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Everything as in the forecasts when Napoli sets foot in the field. Just as on arrival in Fuorigrotta under a cold rain as the welcome, even from the stands it rains whistles of dissent and bad temper. Ancelotti's young men were waiting for him, but from the lawn there are no protests or even defiant glances from anyone. Those whistles, the Azzurri must accept them (even if they are not few, now, those who have realized that they have made it big by denying authority to the club and authority to the coach) and postpone the reply to when it will be serious, when it will be game, in short. Yes, but those who bet on a damned, ferocious Naples, full of grit and desire to push back accusations and insults into people's throats loses its bet. Mind you, it is not that Naples does not take initiatives, it does not seek the happy and decisive solution, but continues to do so with tenderness, without lucidity. At least, not the one that would serve to mortify a Genoa, so careful, yes gathered up waiting for some happy suggestions to Pinamonti or Pandev, but also careful not to discover. Not to risk too much. After all, this is also the reading of the formation: dense in midfield and – left for the Kouame African Cup – entrusted only to a twenty year old, albeit good, with the addition of the veteran Pandev. On the other hand, instead, lost at the last moment Milik for a muscular accident, Ancelotti should not think too much about putting Mertens and Lozano back together. So the only real choice of the blue coach is the dusted Hysaj instead of Rui. A right, another right, put on the left side to remedy the ailments of Ghoulam and the uncertainties of Mario Rui, in fact. But these cannot certainly be the reasons that deny Naples a wide, rapid kick, capable of seriously intimidating those in front of them. No, the impression is that Ancelotti's band feels like a chain everything that happened during the week; that he is a victim of his mistakes and that he has only fears and confusion in his head and ghosts of an uncertain future.And the Genoa? Genoa thanks them for not having too much trouble keeping Napoli at bay and from time to time also tries to take advantage of what the Azzurri allow him. In short, the field does not offer that very rare emotions. Of course, Insigne scores just after the go-ahead, but an offside of Lozano immediately spoils the party. A shiver. A brividino and nothing more. Yes, a couple of shots (8 'and 16') by Zielinski from afar and a chance (24 ') confused and missed for the errors, in rapid succession, of Callejon, Mertens and Lozano, but who can be satisfied with this who the Did Naples expect it to be fierce and vindictive after all that it has combined and swallowed? No. And in fact the San Paolo is merciless when the team leaves at the end of the first half. Also because shortly after the half hour (31 ', to be precise), the home team risks a lot: Agudelo steals the ball from Ruiz in the middle of the court and goes towards the door; the Colombian of twenty years is not selfish and passes to Pandev in position of bomber that cannot fail. And instead Pandev hoe irreparably: he raises a sod and with the sod also the ball. One thing that cannot be seen and Naples is saved.

That's not right, Napoli. But Don Carlo believes in training put in place. He asks her – probably – just a faster dribble and more vertical tips. But when he realizes that the routine of his is always the same try to change something there. Outside Callejon and in Llorente. Muscles and centimeters, now, in the middle of the penalty area and more bravado. But if the game changes pace, it is only because Napoli is stretching. And this means that risks also increase for him. Even big ones, even very big ones. Like the one (62 ’) that comes at him (62’) when Agudelo, still he, does what he wants on his side and fishes on the other Pinamonti for an easy easy goal. But on that ball kicked from two meters and maybe less comes who knows how Koulibaly that saves everyone. What a chance for Genoa. And what a fear for Naples, that after a left-footed shot by Ruiz and a right-footed shot by Mertens, both of them were wallpaper, so as not to risk over-measure a little in midfield: inside Elmas and outside the captain. And those twenty meters from the field to the bench for Insigne become a pain. Whistles and insults to sanction a farewell in the air for some time, in short.

No way. Napoli goes on only with the strength of despair and the last few minutes play with their hearts in their mouths. Tant ’is that even the stadium that the team has treated coldly throughout the game is passionate. But what Naples collects, the only serious thing, is a header from Elmas on a cross from Lozano from the right (86 ’) that Radu pushes out of the door when the ball has crossed the line for three quarters. Only for three quarters. And on those four or five centimeters blue hopes sink. On those four or five centimeters, instead, the final whistles of the people are gathered. Many. Lots. As he had for a long time at the San Paolo he did not remember.

Now there is a pause. Then there will be Milan and Liverpool both away. And then woe to make mistakes again, because someone between December and January could already pay.


Napoli-Genoa 0-0

NAPLES (4-4-2): Ospina, Di Lorenzo, Maksimovic, Koulibaly, Hysaj (41 'st Luperto), Callejon (15' st Llorente), Fabian, Zielinski, Insigne (21 'st Elmas), Lozano, Mertens. Available: Meret, Karnezis, Tonelli, Mario Rui, Gaetano, Younes. All .: Ancelotti

GENOA (3-4-3): Radu; Pajac, Romero, Zapata; Ankersen, Lerager, Schone, Cassata (43 'st Radovanovic); Pandev (35 'st Cleonise), Pinamonti, Agudelo (49' st Ghiglione). Available: Marchetti, Jandrei, Barreca, Goldaniga, Sanabria, Gumus, El Yamiq, Biraschi, Jagiello. All .: Thiago Motta.

Referee: Calvarese di Teramo

Ammonites: 15 'pt Schone, 24' st Cassata, 36 'st Llorente, 38' st Cleonise, 40 'st Lerager

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