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Fear in central Italy due to a relatively intense earthquake occurred at 18.35 today 7 November 2019. The earthquake had its epicenter in the area of ​​Balsorano, in the province of L'Aquila, a few kilometers from the border with Lazio, right where tonight three minor seismic episodes had been recorded

The official data of theINGV have confirmed a magnitude 4.4 on the richter scale, while the hypocenter was located at 14 km of depth. The shock was distinctly perceived in a radius of over 100 km, so much so that Abruzzo, Molise and most of Lazio were shaken. The earthquake was also felt in the Caserta area and on the Subappennino Dauno, in the Foggia area.


The earthquake was clearly felt also in Pescara and Rome, equidistant from the epicenter of well 91 km: thousands of reports arrived from the capital where people felt tremors for at least 3-4 seconds, in a wave way. Fear also in L'Aquila, Campobasso, Latina and Isernia where many have felt tremors and roars.
In the epicenter area the earthquake lasted more than five seconds. Hundreds of people took to the streets, especially at the epicenter of Sora, Balsorano, Pescosolido, Valpara and Frosinone. In the city of Ciociaria, just 26 km from the epicenter, people poured into the street.
Fortunately, there is no damage to things or people at the moment.

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