FCA sales rose 15.3% in October in Brazil


With an average growth of 7.5% in the light automotive and commercial market, FCA increased sales by 15.3% compared to September, reaching 46,959 vehicles and consolidating itself as a leader in the Brazilian automotive and commercial market.

With the result of October, FCA sold 406.838 units in the first ten months of the year, equal to 18.7% of total light vehicle transactions in the country. The Fiat brand delivered 34,423 units in October, an increase of 14.6% compared to the previous month. The Jeep, in turn, grew by 16.6%, with 12,433 authorized units. Sales since the beginning of the year have reached 299,624 and 106,438 vehicles, respectively, equal to 13.8% and 4.9% of the market share.

Two Fiat models were among the top ten best sellers of the year: the Strada pickup, with 63,587 units, and the Argo, with 62,698 placings. In the pickup segment, the brand confirmed its absolute leadership, with a market share of 41.3%, 116,392 units sold and 11% growth compared to 2018. The Toro pickup recorded its largest market share in the year. October, with 6,912 units and 21.8% of the segment and 2.9% of the market.

As for the other FCA brand present in Brazil, the best-selling vehicle is Jeep Renegade, whose sales this year recorded significant growth by 53%, with 56.798 placements from January to October. Compass, in turn, reached 5,726 units authorized in October and an expansion of 25.8% compared to the previous month. The model is the second best-selling segment, behind only Renegade.

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