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There merger between FCA and PSA will not lead to the cancellation of any trademark. word from Carlos Tavares, current CEO of the French group and future managing director of the fourth world automotive giant that will be born precisely from the marriage between Fiat Chrysler and the transalpine reality.

FCA-PSA, Trump reviews the merger proposal

In the days following the announcement of the merger, many had proceeded to the more detailed analysis of the nascent group, questioning the survival of the many brands, as many as 14, which would later join the marriage between FCA and PSA. In many cases, in fact, the overlap between market and product had led the press to question what future many brands had, analyzing possible mergers or cancellations for those who are already now on the avenue of the sunset.

To dispel any doubt about thepossible disappearance of the brand like Lancia, Alfa Romeo, DS, Vauxhall or even Fiat, the future number one of FCA-PSA has thought of it, Carlos Tavares, in an interview with BFM Business and taken from Automotive News Europe: "It is part of the challenge to properly manage these brands to cover the market – PSA CEO started –vI know that all of them, without exception, have one thing in common: they have a fabulous history. We love the history of car brands, it provides us with a foundation on which we can look to the future. So today I don't see any need, if this agreement is concluded, to cancel a few brands because everyone has their story and everyone has their strengths “.

Tavares then looked at other companies that already incorporated numerous brands, stating that the new group, although with a significant number of brands, would not be different from Volkswagen. The words of the number one of PSA they will still have to be weighed once the merger is over, when the new group will find itself concretely facing the challenges of the market and a need to make such a vast company productive. As for the geographical coverage then, Tavares himself looked positively at the capillarity of both groups, defined as complementary, stating that the merger would be an excellent solution for both. The manager then was also pressed on the issue of jobs. The concern of the unions is in fact that of important cuts at European level: "We can achieve profit even without closing any plant – stressed Tavares that he asked – qThis is the automotive industry, not just PSAs. "

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