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FCA-PSA merger, French trade unions are in favor


The majority of the French trade unions of the PSA group expressed their favor to fusion with Fiat Chrysler. This is what some union leaders have said at the end of an exclusively advisory meeting of the internal company committee.

Maximum attention. However, the green light is conditional. The unions, once the integration agreement has been finalized, intend to request specific information on the future automotive group and adequate employment guarantees. "We will remain vigilant on the social impact and we await a clearer and more detailed picture of the implications of the merger on the factories, production volumes and the workforce", said Franck Don, representative of the CFTC union, underlining how the whole project, "in the form in which it was presented "in any case" makes sense because the two groups complement each other, are in good financial health and thanks to the new group will reach a critical dimension that is vital today in the automotive sector ".

The front of the opposites. However, the CGT, a trade union organization similar to the Italian CGIL and representing around 17% of PSA's French employees, remains opposed. Ever since the first agreement was announced and the official negotiations began, its leaders have been against the proposed merger due to the high fear of a strong impact on employment levels, despite the assurances of the managers of the two companies. Substantial favorable openings and opinions, on the other hand, came from the other acronyms, even if all of them have launched clear warnings on the importance of safeguarding factories and jobs. A similar position has been held by many Italian unions, while from Germany, home of Opel, a clear warning has arrived on the need to respect the agreements reached shortly after the passage of the House of Ruesselsheim to the transalpine group. The most worried were the representatives of British workers also because the future of the Luton and Ellesmere Port plants has been linked to the Brexit issue for months now.

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