FCA-PSA, Elkann: "only announced merger, it will take time" – Auto World


After the succession of news in recent weeks, the words of John Elkann himself arrive at cool the minds about the merger of the Italian company FCA with the French group PSA. A merger that in the past few weeks seemed like something done (an announcement was expected as early as October 31st) but instead will require a lot of time and that, to this day, it is not even certain it will be done.

Renault and the possibility of bankruptcy between FCA and PSA

In these terms, John Elkann himself expressed himself during his speech at the Turin Technology Festival, stating that the agreement with PSA is only "Was announced, it was not done" is that "From announcing it to doing so a period of time will also pass long". Speaking of the future of the car, Elkann added "I believe that autonomous driving is one of the technologies that will have greater diffusion in the world of mobility and the car, where there is a great confusion with the concept of assisted driving".

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