father, mother and daughter have been taking their pension since 2015


Three people belonging to the same family unit reported for aggravated fraud. The three – this is B.J., 66, R.J. of 40 and M.J, 69, foreign parents and daughter – they received disability pensions from 2015. The Finance Guard of Vicenza has implemented a provision of preventive seizure issued by the magistrate at the Berico Court, guaranteeing sums of money and a property in the availability of the family. The investigations concerned the perception by the three of civil disability pensions provided by INPS and other emoluments paid by other public bodies, in the face of severely disabling diseases, or absolute blindness, heart disease and mental impairments. Pathologies that prevented, at least apparently, the carrying out of any work by the three suspects.

Father, mother and daughter did not have any debilitating disease – In the course of the investigations, tracking, surveys were carried out, and information and deeds were obtained from public offices, to reconstruct the actual lifestyle held by the three subjects. Furthermore, medical records and other health records referring to the three were acquired and analyzed by specialized medical personnel. The results of these investigations, conducted through specialist support, highlighted the inconsistency between the pathologies that complained about the three suspects and their daily lifestyle, making it possible to ascertain that the sums paid for the invalidity suffered by each were to be considered perceived unlawfully. In short, it emerged that father, mother and daughter had no disabling disease. The berica judicial authority therefore issued a decree of preventive seizure that invested the current accounts attributable to the suspects and shares of buildings owned by them for an amount of over 90,000 euros.

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