Farm explosion, the owner stopped for murder


UPDATE: Giovanni Vincenti, the owner of the Quargnento farmhouse in whose explosion three firefighters died, could avoid the tragedy. This is explained by the attorney of Alessandria, Enrico Cieri.
"On the night of the tragedy, Vincenti was informed by a carabiniere that the first fire was almost broken – explains the magistrate -. Vincenti did not say that there were five other cylinders inside the house that continued to leak gas. It was around 1am, there would have been half an hour to avoid the tragedy ».

UPDATE: "The timer was set at 1.30 but accidentally there was also a setting at midnight. This led to the first modest explosion which, alas, alerted the fire brigade ". The public prosecutor of Alessandria, Enrico Cieri, thus reconstructs the explosion of the Quargnento farmhouse where three firefighters died on the night between 4 and 5 November. The explosion had to be one but the error in programming the timer, connected to the gas cylinders, caused the tragedy.

UPDATE: The wife of Giovanni Vincenti, the owner of the Quargnento farmhouse in whose explosion three firefighters died, is investigated on the loose in the investigation that led to her husband's arrest.

UPDATE: There is an attempted insurance fraud behind the tragedy of Quargnento for which the carabinieri stopped Giovanni Vincenti, the owner of the exploded farmhouse where three firefighters died last night. The public prosecutor of Alessandria, Enrico Cieri, announced this during a press conference. The arrested man confessed, denying however the intention to want to kill.

Giovanni Vincenti and his wife were "heavily indebted". "Last August – the magistrate reveals – the building's insurance had been extended to the malicious fact. The maximum premium was one and a half million euros ".

There is a detention for the death of the three firefighters in the explosion of Quargnento. The carabinieri carried it out during the night: Giovanni Vincenti, the owner of the exploded farmhouse, entered the police station as a witness and was interrogated for ten hours before being detained. He is held responsible for arson, murder and voluntary injuries due to the explosion that destroyed a farmhouse on the night between 4 and 5 November.

The turning point in the investigations a few hours after the solemn funerals of Antoninus, Mark and Matthew in the cathedral of Saints Peter and Mark of Alexandria, in the presence among others of the premier Giuseppe Conte, of the president of the Chamber Roberto Fico and of the Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese . "You have to catch them, you have to do everything to catch them", was the appeal that the relatives of the three victims turned to the President of the Council. "We need to understand why and who did this", is the pressing invitation of the provincial fire brigade commander, Roberto Marchioni, to express the "rage" of the firemen in the face of this tragedy. The investigations led in a few days to a first result thanks to the "tight and articulated" activities of the carabinieri, under the orders of Colonel Michele Angelo Lorusso.

The man, whom the investigators had already heard more than once, responded to the investigators' new questions for several hours. "I have no information to give, the investigators are investigating," says Vincenti's son, Stefano, contacted by telephone. In the barracks also a lawyer, Laura Mazzolini of the Alessandria bar, and two women, who arrive and leave by car in about twenty minutes. "I witnessed the interrogation, I can't say anything," he merely declared the lawyer leaving the offices of the Weapon in Piazza Vittorio Veneto just before 2 am. "I think that soon – he added – you will have official statements". Shortly afterwards the prosecutor Cieri also left the barracks, limiting himself to a "no" with his hand turned to the journalists by the car.

Also in front of the provincial command were some citizens who, having heard of the interrogation, reached the offices of the weapon. The news of the judicial police detention arrives at 2.29 with a ten-line statement that refers to the details of the operation.

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