Farewell to seasickness, here is the X-Bow ship that revolutionizes cruises


One of the main reasons why some people do not choose cruises is seasickness. One solution comes from the shipbuilding company Ulstein. The Norwegian company has designed a ship that guarantees smoother navigation by increasing the waterline. This is possible thanks to the "X-Bow" hull with the inverted bow, that is the most advanced part of the nava is not at the top, but under water. The X-Bow pierces the waves dispersing the energy on the sides of the boat, translated: the rocking is damped almost completely. The first passenger ship with this technology is the Greg Mortimer of the Aurora Expedition, which specializes in cruises in the Antarctic. The design of the X-Bows also required a rethinking of the interiors and even bridges. In fact, since there is no longer the front one, "winglets" have been created: small side bridges so that passengers can have an external view and, when the ship is stationary, hydraulic platforms protrude from the sides and flatten out creating new structures . The Greg Mortimer has only 122 beds, 100 passengers plus the crew, and only one restaurant to create a feeling of more intimacy and protection.

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