Farewell to Remo Bodei, the philosopher of passions


Philosopher of dialogue, passions and reason, he analyzed the past to understand the present. Remo Bodei, who died at the age of 81, was one of the great masters of the Italian school, able to conquer the Pisa Normal and the Universities of the world, from Cambridge to Los Angeles, from New York to Heidelberg. Growing up attending Bloch's lectures, he followed the theoretical thinking, studied Spinoza and Gadamer and deepened German philosophy, also taking care of the Italian works of Hegel and Adorno.Thinker capable of lucid political and social analysis, who had already anticipated the decline of the intellectuals ("no longer needed") and the return of reality with which to do, even philosophically, the accounts ("the crisis gave us back the contact with the edges ”), He loved the studio and knew how to transmit passion and curiosity to the students. His most beautiful lesson is his idea of ​​philosophy: "A form of mental hygiene, an aid to orientation in the world". Among his books "Geometria delle passioni" (Feltrinelli), "Limite" (Il Mulino), "Le forme del bello" (Il Mulino).

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