Farewell to Elsa Lanza, she was the first presenter: a pioneer of RAI and cooking on television. "The term was invented for me"


It was the first presenter. Indeed, "the term invented it for me," he said. It was the first to bring the kitchen on television, a genre that many decades later would have invaded all the TV channels of the world. She found herself in the group of pioneers who launched the Italian TV, the 3 January 1954. And after a life that from small screen took her to communication agencies and finally to the writing yellow books has regained notoriety in recent years still on Rai, as a guest of programs similar to his over 60 years ago, like the Benedetta's menu of Benedetta Parodi is No sooner said than done of Caterina Balivo. Elda Lanza died today a Castelnuovo Scrivia, in the province of Alexandria. She was 95 years old: she was born in Milan in 1924. Mariano Sabatini, the writer and journalist, gave the news of the disappearance: "With great sorrow, I must announce that my dear friend Elda Lanza is no longer with us. After a very short illness, she died with her son next to her Max and her husband Vitaliano Damioli".

Feminist, journalist, had studied literature and philosophy a turin, to the catholic of Milan and also to the Sorbonne, where he also taught Jean Paul Sartre. "Intrigued, perhaps more than interested, I went to Paris and I studied sociology at the Sorbonne, two years but irregularly ”he had said later. The program director Sergio Pugliese he had discovered it in 1952 and selected after 14 auditions, when the TV still did not exist: he had participated in many experimental transmissions and then, with the official birth of the TV, he conducted the weekly column Storefronts, which aired in the afternoon and was dedicated to those who watched television at that time, together with children: women. In an episode of the Great History he recalled that the program was born after some market surveys. "And we discovered something easy to understand, namely that they looked at us in particular women and no longer young"," Housewives, so grandmothers and mothers who didn't work ". So in his Storefronts there was talk of fashion, cosmetics, furniture, a bit of gossip and some book. And the kitchen, of course: "I didn't want the kitchen-cooking, I wanted some home economics ". The program was successful. So the team of Storefronts asked al Radiocorriere TV – who spoke of the contents of the only TV at the time – to dedicate a page also to Elda Lanza's program. "The first few times they greeted us with a little fart in the nose – he said – But then that column also caused an increase in sales of the magazine".

The rest of the career saw Lanza leading with Febo Conti the first episode of One, two, three, show that will then be of Ugo Tognazzi is Raimondo Vianello.
Storefronts it lasted until 1957, then in 1958 it led the children's book program Bookstore adventures, which aired until 1965. In 1966 it began conducting a program for the midday destiny for younger viewers. The program changed its title every day, For you Elizabeth, For you, Giovanna, For you Chiara: the names changed according to the saint (or saint) who fell on the day of the transmission.

In 1971 Elda Lanza, after twenty years and over a thousand transmissions, retired from television to devote herself to a new avant-garde experiment for that period: the communication. He opened an agency of business communication, advertising, journalism, graphics, architecture is furniture. And he also began writing as a journalist for costume is etiquette for the Corriere della Sera, The day is The night.

She was finally a writer, author of novels and essays and in 2012 she debuted as a crime novelist with the novel No tears for Miss Olga that Lanza brought topublisher Salani at the friend's suggestion Mariano Sabatini. He then published other yellow, ironic and elegant novels, again with Salani, starring the Neapolitan lawyer Max Gilardi: The drowned fool is The seller of hats, The unknown customer, The child who could not cry, A stupid mistake, The black beast, Evelina woman's funeral is Blood red.

After an absence of over 40 years, Elda Lanza had recently returned to TV: in 2011 Michele Mirabella he called her guest a Apprescindere on Rai 3. In 2012 on La7 he gave style lessons to i Benedetta's menu next to Benedetta Parodi. In 2017-2018 she was one of the tutors of No sooner said than done with Caterina Balivo on Rai 2, as an expert on etiquette and history of costume.


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