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Eleventh round of the 2019-2020 season of the Serie A championship, and with it our suggestions also arrive. The editorial staff of Fantamagazine, in fact, for each championship round it will propose the recommended, the possible surprises and a special one to analyze all glthe advised against of the number cards match Expert Group (which you can find HERE).


In this appointment we will discover together which players can be advised against for the 11th day of Serie A. We also remind you that you can follow our advice in the way you prefer, on Fantamagazine Facebook page or on our Instagram page.


The weak link to date, Spinazzola is what inspires less security. He could get into trouble against Insigne, leave him out.

A bit uncertain in many situations and as a fullback Luperto he is very stuck, so much so that he is never seen beyond the midfield. It should also start from the bench. He needs a good episode. A goal, a great action or something that gives greater security to Lozano at a time when it is committed but still fails to make itself dangerous. Moreover we see that he is clearly shy or really intimidated in the plays, in every action he tends to always make that extra touch that takes away danger. For the moment wait, of course it would be better to take his bonus but even if he bends over and loses it, it would be at least a big boost for the rest of the season.


Returned from the accident Medel he has the chance to be immediately put back into the fray, fundamental for the team balance, less for your fantasy football. We have lost our patience too, the opportunities we have Ursu have so many and the qualities are there, but as long as you will not be a little quiet with your head and avoid overdoing it we will insert it here. He just needs to unlock and stop thinking about the goal. Can it do good against Inter? Yes, but you have to think about playing and not just because you have to score.

Quite easy to advise against it, but it must be done. Released from rotations without apparent reasons, Politano cannot offer you guarantees.


He arrives probably exhausted at this game, having to take charge of the grenade midfield in the absence of the General. If we add to this the fact that a derby is played against the league leaders and the new role they see Baselli very far from the door, it is to be avoided. Even considering the danger tag, reminiscent of the Kung Fu intervention on Pjanic two years ago. He appeared frankly inadequate and not very responsive on the occasions he was granted. Forced to play due to the disqualification of N'Koulou, he expects a tough match for the Frenchman Ji-ji. For us De Silvestri he will not play, but if he did he would find himself against Ronaldo and he would have no way of thinking about creating offensive dangers. In great difficulty even against minor opponents, mandatory rest time in your phantom teams.

Not really discouraged, as 3/5 shows, however among the eleven owners it is among those that most risk the insufficiency. Moreover De Sciglio he is in runoff and therefore may not even play. In conclusion, consider other types of counsel. It is useless to go around it. Bernardeschi is throwing away all the opportunities granted by Sarri. In the field he is at times irritating, and continuing to hope for his good performance on fantasy football can be deleterious. Ergo leave it on the bench until it shows signs of recovery.


The concept is always the same, difficult to see Djimsiti in a section other than this one.

The Atalanta scores a lot, it has a strong exterior, and above all there is a good chance that you are playing right Hunter which has so far appeared out of condition, while on the left there will be Lykogiannis which is not a bolt of war (quite large euphemism). The deployability index varies between 1 and 2, avoid as much as possible.


Not that it does harm for charity, though Ankersen you see it a bit contracted and you think it is still not perfectly at home in our league, especially on the left where it probably remains out of role. To avoid waiting to see it better.

Sorry to put it here Musso, but this time we advise you not to risk it. The game may seem more affordable, but Tudor (already exonerated) seems to have lost control of the team and the risk of another resounding flop is high.


Attention, as you can see today we do not recommend anyone in particular. This is because we think it is one of those matches within the reach of Verona, especially with a Brescia that is currently in slight difficulty. But let's go cautious, our opponents have a very strong potential.

Our Daniele Gastaldello boasts a respectable curriculum, superior to that of practically all his companions. The problem however is that the years pass, and it is under the eyes of all that it is no longer the player of the past. In terms of its importance it is relegated mainly to the questions of the locker room, the field sees it only in case of absence of the companions of department. Turn off, useful only for not playing in 10.


He has not yet fully convinced, if in addition we put a Boga that seems in great shape the game is done. In reality both defensive outsiders would be both advised against, given that even Calderoni will have to deal with an equally uncomfortable customer like Mimmo Berardi but Rispoli, unlike the companion, is providing better performance so it is not recommended for this reason. Plus it always has possible bonuses. Something that is no longer seen from Rispoli's feet. Ah, let's not forget that it is also in a runoff, so it is not even certain that it starts from the 11 owners.

They could easily be part of some movie of the past like: Dumb dumbest, or He's worse than me. Ok, at least on Romagna we were bad, given that it is the first races with Sassuolo, but in fact he and Marlon they are totally unreliable. We need all the help from the midfield, otherwise they will be in trouble as always.


It does not need further comments, Badelj does not guarantee a positive contribution to the midfield.

It should find space again from the beginning but objectively it is not shining. Hernani is struggling to settle in completely with our football and the race on paper is anything but easy.


At a fantacalcistic and football level, he is among the few to save himself on the pitch of this Milan. The match against Lazio proves to be, at the moment, very, very complicated. If on the one hand it is true that it could show off by neutralizing the offensive biancocelesti sorties, on the other it will also be necessary to consider that the goals suffered by Donnarumma could be even more than one. Defensively, the team still does not give the right guarantees and he is the first to be affected: for this reason deploying it this round can be a risk that is perhaps not worth taking. Also against the Spal Kessie did not convince. The new position in the field forced him to change something in terms of posture and does not seem to have yet fully fallen into the new part. In addition it seems not to be at the top on a psycho-physical level, therefore, in addition to playing slightly further away from the door, he manages to highlight himself with technical errors that are decidedly too much. At this moment it would perhaps be appropriate to reflect on its possible use and evaluate the alternatives, the pitfalls in this turn are too many, as is the risk of insufficiency, therefore a rest shift could certainly be the right move to do in the field fantacalcistico.

Much of the race will be decided on the other band, so as happened in the last releases for Lulic it could be a game of simple containment without many jolts. You can safely leave it out.


The speech we make is worth a little for the whole DEFENSE. Take into account that at least one goal will be suffered. This is a game to be won at all costs for both teams. It will be difficult to see teams buttoned and afraid of losing, so if we can give you advice, it is to avoid the white-blue defenders, unless you are firmly convinced that someone can do well. Berisha and the revived Tomovic can be partially excluded from this speech, being among the most positive in the department.

Appeared in oxygen debt against Lecce Vieira he will face a very physical midfield and may experience its dynamism. If in doubt, we would keep it out.

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