Faithful: "Sarri in Naples was like my nephew. Whoever believes in the proclamations of ADL and Ancelotti is a sin"


Enrico Fedele, former agent of the Cannavaro brothers, has criticized what has happened in recent days between Napoli's players and the company.

Enrico Fedele, a former sports attorney and football manager, today a newspaper columnist Rome and columnist of Radio Mars is Televomero, expressed some considerations on the blue club. This is his thought: "Could Carlo Ancelotti be exonerated? I do not believe. Exemptions are always traumatic. The original sin, that of everyone but me, is that of having made believe that this Naples could compete for the scudetto. There are those who really believed in the electoral proclamations of society ".

Fedele added: "Some have trusted what has been said through the mouths of Aurelio De Laurentiis and Carlo Ancelotti, but Napoli cannot even compete for the title, because competing means closing a couple of points away. Napoli has no suitable players and players to win. When he had the game, with Maurizio Sarri, he found himself a coach who used to make sand castles until Saturday, but then on Sundays he unpacked them like my nephew. "

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