Fabrizio Corona, the Court annuls another 9 months discounted in custody. Prolonged detention period (for now)


The legal proceedings for Fabrizio Corona they don't end anymore. The Milan Surveillance Court canceled the former king of paparazzi ahe was discounted in foster care, between February and November 2018, establishing that he will have to pay them again and this time in prison, he is detained again since March. "I am thrilled, without words – explained the lawyer Ivano Chiesa, who assists Corona together with the lawyer Antonella Calcaterra -. We will appeal the decision in clear contrast", Among other things," with a sentence of acquittal "on the case of cash in the false ceiling. According to the defense, the Surveillance decision "is in clear contrast with the judgment of the acquittal and the preventive measures, as well as in contrast with a previous evaluation by the same Surveillance Court".

At the end of April the Surveillance had decided to revoke the therapeutic reliance to cure themselves of the cocaine addiction granted to the former photographic agent in February 2018 and then suspended at the end of last March, with the return to prison. In fact, the judges wrote, serving the sentence in prison, is at the moment the "solution not only necessary, but also adequate" to Corona's "level of awareness", because another external treatment program would be "inadequate", given its continuous violations of the rules.

The judges had also established that the former 'king of the paparazzis, not only must remain in San Vittore, but also discount the last almost five months spent in foster care, essentially annulled by the judges. But they had saved, however, that period between February and November 2018, but the Advocate General Nunzia Gatto, number two of the Milan Public Prosecutor's Office, has requested the revocation of those nine months for Corona. With the appeal of the General Prosecutor the Cassation annulled the first Surveillance decision with a postponement and today the new provision that accepts the request of the General Prosecutor has arrived. At the hearing in the past few days Corona's lawyers had explained that there were no "de facto assumptions" to cancel those nine months, also because in the well-known story the cash found in the false ceiling an acquittal had arrived on the merits, confirmed also on appeal and then became final.


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