F1, Schumacher: finally his wife Corinna speaks


Have passed almost six years from the terrible accident on Meribel snow of Michael Schumacher, and since then the Kaiser's family has always maintained the the closest possible secrecy on the health condition of the sample. In particular his wife Corinna she tightened around her husband, never exposing herself in public. Until these days, in which he decided to talk about the beloved Michael in an interview granted to ‘She Magazine’.

"The first thing I can say is that I have to thank him for everything I have. This is something I can never forget, "said Corinna, who referred to Ranch with 40 horses which he now looks after, and which was a gift from her husband in 2005, the year of their tenth wedding anniversary.

Here Gina Maria Schumacher, another daughter of the couple besides Mick (rising star of motor racing) has started a career in equitation which appears very promising today. But Corinna also wanted to talk about themost painful topic of the family, that is, the health conditions of dad Michael.

"You can rest assured that Michael is in the best possible hands, everyone is doing everything to help him. Please understand that we are following the Michael's will in maintaining Reserved every topic related to his health, which is inevitably very delicate"Said Corinna.

The woman then spoke of the daughter Gina Maria: "Michael said that with horses he could do more than me. The thing didn't excite me initially, because with the horses I worked there day and night, but he was right".

"He said I was too sweet, while Gina was also able to say no. He had character, and my husband had already understood it. He said that one day everyone would notice her. "

Meanwhile Gina won the gold medal in the FEI Reining European Championships. Proving that daddy Michael he was right.

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