F1 / Ferrari requested the Toto Wolff clause


After the ratification of the regulations 2021, the teams return to discuss as regards the redistribution of revenues and television rights. Ferrari, in addition to pushing to maintain its veto and historic bonus for participating in all Formula 1 editions, calls for the inclusion of the so-called Toto Wolff clause, which Joe Saward, in his blog, explains as follows: "Ferrari is eager to have a clause that prevents team principals that have been in recent times from having executive roles within Formula 1. This request has been dubbed" Toto Wolff clause ", since it is believed that the Mercedes team principal has already had talks with Liberty Media for a possible future role ".

This stems from the rumors that they wanted Toto Wolff as the next leader of Liberty Media, the company that runs Formula 1, instead of the current Chase Carey.

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