F1, Brazil GP: Mercedes-Red Bull and the anti-Ferrari alliance. total confrontation. Vettel replies to Verstappen: Immature


November 14, 2019 – 16:16

After the Cavallino s to the 2021 rules the alliance between the big ones broke. And a battle of gossip, suspicion and technical directives of the FIA ​​was unleashed. Maranello also asked for explanations on the solutions of the Silver Arrows

of Piergiuseppe Donadoni

Mercedes, Red Bull, Ferrari. Three tam rather united for over ten months, never so divided instead now. The first two in the last month have faced Ferrari. The union was the strength to counter the FIA's wish to approve the new 2021 regulations. Especially Mercedes and especially Red Bull needed Ferrari to get to their goal, to postpone the introduction. Since the Cavallino has chosen to go his own way, by voting for himself, and the alliance between silver and blue is strengthened. And where to try to hit if not that technical sector already put in doubt several times during the current season and not only, that is the Ferrari power unit? With classic actions already seen in previous years, even by Ferrari itself. Does a team have a doubt about the legality of a particular solution? He asks FIA for information on whether or not he can implement it on his car. With the second aim, which often becomes the primary one, to seek a negative opinion from the FIA ​​to block that technical solution that is presumed to be used by the competition.

Mattia Binotto and Toto Wolff (Getty)

Mattia Binotto and Toto Wolff (Getty)

November 14, 2019 | 16:16


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