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F.1, Mexican GP – Hamilton beat Vettel, third Bottas


Lewis Hamilton won the Mexican Grand Prix, eighteenth round of the Formula 1 World Championship. Mercedes 'Englishman has left behind the Sebastian Vettel Ferrari and Valtteri Bottas' other W10. For Lewis, the world title is now largely mortgaged and he will be able to arrive mathematically next week, in Austin, gaining 4 points on his teammate.

100th Mercedes victory. Brackley's brilliant strategy work has allowed Lewis Hamilton to add another victory to his already long list of successes, the hundredth in Mercedes history. With just one pit stop, he had to better manage his tires and, in the end, what seemed like a too early stop turned into a joker that allowed him to put all his opponents behind him. "A tough race, I also had a car damage, but the second stint was fantastic. I hadn't won this race for years and keeping the Ferraris behind was not easy," Hamilton said just before the podium ceremony.

Ferrari not perfect. The strategy this time did not work at Ferrari and a slow pit stop helped slip the poleman Leclerc to fourth place, ahead of Alex Albon's Red Bull. Vettel was critical of the team precisely on the strategy: "Surprisingly, the hard tires worked well. The race was very intense and I managed to keep Bottas behind, but it put a lot of pressure on me. At a strategic level we could have been a little more creative, but that's okay, because Lewis still had a margin anyway. "

So much to complain about Red Bull. After losing the pole position of yesterday for that lightness and for the arrogance shown at the press conference, Max Verstappen had to jostle a lot today. After a contact with Hamilton at the start, he made a spectacular overtaking on Bottas in the stadium section. Unfortunately, however, the two were slightly touched and Red Bull's right rear wheel was damaged, forcing Max to stay very early. In the second part of the race he kept a good pace, catching up and crossing the finish line in sixth place, right behind his teammate.

Crowd in delirium for Perez. The idol of the house performed well on the Hermanos Rodriguez circuit, taking seventh place behind Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari. The Racing Point driver managed to keep Ricciardo's Renault behind, author of a tough race. Chaotic final between Kvyat and Hulkenberg: the two touched each other and the German ended up against the barriers. An episode cost dear to Kvyat, to whom a penalty of 10 seconds was imposed which caused it to slide into eleventh position.

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