Explosion Alexandria, confesses the owner of the farmhouse


It is Giovanni Vincenti, the owner of the exploded Quargnento farmhouse, in the Alessandria area, the person arrested by the carabinieri during the night for the death of firefighters Antonino Candido, Marco Triches and Matteo Gastaldo (CHI ERANO). The man confessed after several hours of interrogation in the night, denying however the intention of wanting to kill: according to the prosecutor's office caused the explosion to defraud the insurance. The accusations against him are of arson, murder and voluntary injuries. The public prosecutor of Alessandria, Enrico Cieri, illustrated at the press conference the details of the operation that led to the detention. The turning point in the investigations came within hours of the solemn funeral of the three firefighters in the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Mark of Alexandria.

The owner's wife is also being investigated

The wife of Giovanni Vincenti is also investigated for the explosion. The owner of the farmhouse and his wife – the prosecutor in Alessandria explained – were "heavily indebted". "Last August – the magistrate reveals – the insurance of the building had been extended to the fraudulent fact. The maximum premium was one and a half million euros".

The tragedy for a timer error

The prosecutor of Alexandria explained that the tragedy was caused by an error in the explosive timer: "It was set at 1.30 but accidentally there was also a setting at midnight. This led to the first modest explosion which, alas, alerted firefighters "who intervened in the farmhouse. The explosion had to be only one but the error in programming the timer, connected to the gas cylinders, caused the tragedy.

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