exhausted personality with withdrawal, flat encephalogram, split audience and team on Highway to hell


TOmmutinamento hard act: the whole personality of this team has resulted in that disastrous gesture.

Bauction with these clumsy heads-up: an act of seriousness (and dignity) is needed from the team, the coach and the company.

Catartic this stop: to download all the waste accumulated in this week.

Dhateful points of delay from Inter: a slaughter …

ISflat nephalogram for Ancelotti's team.

Fuori Ancelotti? The stop is useful to reflect.

Gelido the San Paolo for the whole game. Unbearable air at the San Paolo.

"Highway to hell ": Naples seems to have taken "the highway to hell".

THEnsigne: mix of whistles and applause for when changing. The public is also clearly divided.

THEozano in the field for the whole race. Service information, since nobody has probably noticed it.

"Meritiamo more ": the first part of the game ends with this chorus. It is even worse at the end of the race.

Mertens Napoli Genoa

Nno one is saved. Disastrous game of all the players.

ORvation for Pandev when leaving the camp: they are the only applause of the evening. And play in Genoa …

PInamonti is still trying to figure out how Koulibaly did to save around the game hour.

"Qwhat cheer?”, Sang Lucio Dalla. Perfect title for this beginning of the Naples season.

RSupervisory Department? The team has not received the message …

Sthe match tonight.

Tthis low: so the Azzurri leave the pitch.

Un only another centimeter and that Elmas header would have crossed the goal line …

VAR: Naples continues to have singular (and unfavorable) episodes

ZI was ideas: the Azzurri are in the field waiting for an individual invention.

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