EXCLUSIVE TJ – Antonio Nocerino: "Juve impressive, in the mixed XI only Donnarumma and Romagnoli would play. Bonucci? At Milan he looked like his cousin. And on Higuain …"


"At the moment there seems to be no game, but football is strange and always very particular. I hope this Juventus-Milan will not be taken for granted as it appears on paper, I wish a very beautiful and hard-fought game to see". These are the words of Antonio Nocerino, double ex of the match between Juventus and Milan, which exclusively on TuttoJuve.com microphones analyzes the match and more:

In your opinion, what time is this to face Juventus?

"The moment can be beautiful but also bad, but achieving results means getting your self-esteem to the thousands. Because, in any case, you face Juventus who is the strongest team in Italy and fears can completely disappear. To turn the situation around , the Rossoneri really need a positive result. The hope is that the team can recover and that it can push back the negative period, it has been experiencing situations like this for years. There was a recovery with Rino (Gattuso ed), now there they are lower than high ".

Juve, on the other hand, wins but does not convince the critics. Do you think the team is having a bit of a hard time?

"It is true, Juventus is not playing very well but wins. For the great team all this is normal, I agree that we should play well but the champions at his disposal can make up for the lack of play. In Moscow enters Douglas Costa and you win 2-1, the game won't have been fantastic but you qualified and now you have two games in which you can rest your big names, even if in this case there is not much need for this, Juve has two teams and it is impressive from this point of view. The players are trained to play three games a week. "

Critics have always compared the midfield in recent years with the one formed by Pirlo, Vidal, Pogba and Marchisio that you faced as an opponent. But the current midfielders, taken individually, are experiencing a great moment and seem to be the ones who have benefited most from the new Corso Sarri. Do you agree that this department is the one that has made the leap in this team the most?

"We are talking about really very strong players, different from those who made up the Juventus midfield a few years ago who were devastating. For example, with Pirlo you played blindfolded, he saw plays that others could not notice. The department is true that he is benefiting from it, but let's not forget that the attack is also doing well and I think it's more about the whole team. Also because in Italy, Juventus is a squadron and is superior to all the opponents ".

Gonzalo Higuain will find Milan as an opponent, he didn't do very well in last year's Rossoneri experience. In your opinion, will it be loaded with big balls for this challenge?

"I don't think he will look at this, he is doing very well and he has found his master. Everyone knows he is a great player. No offense, but for him it is easier to play with players of the caliber of Dybala and Ronaldo rather than with footballers like me. The head is so much like Leo: at Milan it looked like his cousin and here instead he found that serenity and that strength he had also with Chiellini and Barzagli ".

If we were to form a mixed XI, what kind of team would come out?

"Right now, I would keep 9/11 of Juventus and change only the goalkeeper and the central defender. I would insert, therefore, Donnarumma only if he didn't have to play Buffon because Gigi remains the best of all. Gigio is his heir, for the next 10-15 years will be the strongest Italian goalkeeper and what can be said about a boy who at a young age already has more than 100 presences in a club like the Rossoneri, he was massacred for his compensation, but it is useless to do these compare. In defense, next to Bonucci, I would put Romagnoli because Chiellini is absent ".

In recent days, some rumors have incredibly matched the name and surname of Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Juventus. In your opinion, would it be useful at the moment for the bianconeri?

"I would see it well in all the Italian teams alongside, Zlatan is able to shift the balance. Where I would see him less well, Juventus is paradoxically, he doesn't need him unlike Naples, Inter and Bologna where he would be even more it would be fascinating to see him in Emilia, then with Mihajlovic he has a beautiful relationship and I think that his landing in rossoblu would be an event that would go beyond the simple game of football ".

We thank Antonio Nocerino for the courtesy and availability shown during this interview.



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